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  • Overcoming Overdrinking Habits Among Female Health Care Professionals

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    I see nurses and doctors who struggle with alcohol/drug when they hit rock bottom as their stage of addiction has already been costing their life and career.

    Witnessing how alcoholism destroys the life of people who devote their career and life to help others breaks my heart! I often wished I could help them sooner when alcohol use was a bad habit that could be reversed. Breaking a bad habit is already hard as is, dealing with alcoholism is much harder.

    I believe intervention is much cheaper than intervention! I believe over drinking habits can be moderated and prevented from becoming a full-blown alcoholism. Health care professionals are humans who also have struggles, tremendous stress, and they deserve as much care and help as they give us when we need them.

    One condition that could be a barrier for seeking help sooner is the concern of having a clinical record that can be used against their license. So, I decided to create a coaching program that can help nurses and doctors to overcome overdrinking habits without a clinical record.